In Colombia, a child dies every day because of hunger

In Colombia, a child dies every day because of hunger

One of the main problems in the country is lto food insecurity that exists and that affects, in a forceful way, the boys and girls of Colombia. One of these impacted communities are the Wayuu indigenous people in La Guajira.

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According to the Association of Food Banks of Colombia (Abaco), a child who is part of this community has six times more likely to die from malnutrition than any child in Colombia.

The reason? 96% of Wayuu children do not have access to drinking water. According to data from the Child Nutrition Observatory, 65 children have died in 2022 in La Guajira due to malnutrition.

The figure could be higher since there are deaths that are not officially registered and occur daily deep in the Wayuu ranches, say Abaco experts.

The outlook at the national level is not encouraging either. In 2022, Colombia will reach the highest number of deaths due to child malnutrition in the last five years. According to the World Food Program, currently, There are 21 million people who have difficulties accessing food in Colombia.

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In short, every day a child dies in the country due to hunger. From the Food Bank through initiatives such as the “Bank of Threads” and “Hunger Landscapes 2: La Guajira”, add wills and provide effective solutions to face the scourge of hunger in Colombia.


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