In CABA, the first edition of the Night of Tourism was held

In CABA, the first edition of the Night of Tourism was held

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Thousands of people participated in the first edition of the Night of Tourism in the City of Buenos Aires, which included live shows and the participation of locals restaurants, embassies, museums, temples and hotelswas reported this Sunday.

“The city of Buenos Aires held the first edition of the Tourism Night. It had maximum occupancy in all the enabled circuits and thousands of people in each live show. Besides, 128 gastronomic venues, 11 embassies, 9 museums and temples and 26 hotels participated”reported the Buenos Aires Tourism Entity (Entur).

“We are very happy with the excellent results obtained and the great assessment made by those present. We feel that we have taken a great first step to install a brand that collaborates with our plan to accompany the reactivation of the sector and to expand the offer of BA nights for the residents of the City” affirmed Lucas Delfino, president of Entur.

The outstanding show was that of Migrants in Vatican Square, which had around 5,000 people.

Photo File Ramiro Gomez
Photo: File (Ramiro Gomez)

According to data released by the Entur Observatory, 57% of the people who attended the different circuits were residents of the City, but there was also a large federal participation, where tourists from Greater Buenos Aires stood out (20%) and from the Rest of the Province of Buenos Aires (4%), followed by Tucumanos, Santa Fe and Cordoba.

In turn, the international participation was 10% and the main countries of origin were Venezuela, Brazil, Chile and Colombia, added Entur.

While, 750 people used the tourist busof which 70% made the tour for the first time, and in turn 73% were porteños who used it for the first time.

“This shows that activities like these also encourage the residents themselves to go out and discover the different attractive proposals that the City has,” added Entur.

“The city of Buenos Aires has a wide variety of cultural, tourist and gastronomic offers, it has more than 7,000 bars and restaurants, 287 theaters, 380 bookstores, 150 museums and it is the capital of tango“, the statement specified.

In addition, “through the Tourism in Neighborhoods program, options are provided to visit different neighborhoods of the City, through the guide of an online map and an offline downloadable one where information on places such as green spaces, architecture and gastronomic proposals is detailed. “, concluded the Entur.

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