In Bolívar, 11 pensioners have died due to lack of medical care

Hugo Medina, representative of the retirees of the state of Bolívar, denounced that the lack of medical care and government apathy continue to take lives among those who worked in basic companies.

The president of the Federation of Associations for Retirees and Pensioners of Bolívar state (Fedajupebol), Hugo Medina, assured this Friday, May 27, that at least 11 elderly people died in the second quarter of 2022 due to neglect and precariousness of the Hospitalization, Surgery and Maternity (HCM) service.

Medina has presided over a series of protests that take place every Wednesday in front of the Corporación Venezolana de Guayana (CVG) building in Alta Vista since the beginning of the year, in order to demand respect for collective contracts and compliance with security benefits. social for retirees.

“We ask the President of the Republic to reactivate the HCM service as a humanitarian measure,” he said.

The hospital facility for active and retired workers of the basic companies is located in the former Maxy’s Tower, a building currently occupied by the CVG health service. However, the workers report that to obtain a consultation with a specialist they must wait three to four months. Medina assured that this space does not have the capacity to attend to the medical cases of the 11,800 retirees who live in Guayana.

César Bello, member of Fedajupebol, explained that the majority of retirees are occupationally ill, exemplifying his case, since he suffers from a respiratory pathology for which medications are not supplied.

“They opened an issue at CVG, where the Maxy’s building is, but that doesn’t have the resources to care for occupational patients. There is a decline in service. To get a consultation with a specialist you have to wait up to 3 months, ”she claimed.

“In the last month we have lost more than seven retirees due to lack of medical care. We have two cases of heart attacks that went to the medical center, were given a pill and sent home without doing the pertinent tests, both died. They were the companions Edgar Díaz and Carlos Lozada. We need them to solve specific cases and set up a clinic where there is medical assistance 24 hours a day for emergencies that arise for workers,” explained a Venalum worker.

Collection of signatures

During a speech, Nicolás Maduro appointed Hipólito Abreu as the new Minister of Industries and National Production, replacing Juan Arias.

Regarding the Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana, mature said: “I was entrusted with the CVG by Minister Hipólito, especially with the investments that are going to arrive now as a result of the measure I took. You take care of the national industry”, referring to the economic measure of offering between 5% and 10% of the shares of the holding companies on the stock market.

As a result, Bello explained that the retirees decided to start a process of collecting signatures in defense of their labor rights. “We are collecting signatures to send a request to President Maduro, since he says that he is going to take charge of the CVG, just in case, he did not know that we are in this deterioration. We plan to deliver those signatures here or in Miraflores.”

“It is public knowledge that the President of the Republic said that he was going to take charge of the Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana. Given this, we ask the president to reactivate the HCM service”, argued the president of Fedajupebol.

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