In April, 4,780 people were apprehended and 188 firearms were seized

The National Police carried out this Tuesday morning the rendering of accounts on the operations carried out in the month of April, in which it was revealed that 4,780 people were apprehended and 188 firearms were seized.

The director of the National Police, John Dornheim, mentioned that in April 1,108 raids were carried out and 13,325 drug packages were seized, 25 stolen vehicles and 101 cattle were recovered. In addition, the sum of 1,014,606.73 dollars has been seized.

Regarding adolescents involved in criminal acts, the report highlights that in April 57 adolescents were placed under the orders of competent authorities, of which 51 are male and 6 female. Of these young people arrested, 38 were still studying.

In April, the most reported crime is domestic violence with 1,825 complaints, theft with 925, robbery with 184, personal injury with 140 and 32 homicides.

In terms of road safety at the national level, a total of 50,269 tickets were placed in April, with speeding being the most sanctioned offense with 17,063 tickets; inadequate lights has 2,608 ballots; 1,426 for proven drunkenness; 671 for talking on the cell phone; 615 expired licenses and 562 breath alcohol.

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