In a school in Cali, at least 50 minors were poisoned by school lunch

In a school in Cali, at least 50 minors were poisoned by school lunch

The authorities in the city of Cali confirmed this Sunday the intoxication of at least 50 children between 5 and 10 years of age from the San Cayetano school, located in the Alfonso López neighborhood, stage 2, to the east of the city.

According to information from the Ministry of Education, Apparently the students suffered from gastroenteritis as a result of the school lunch. The minors were referred to care centers.

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“The rector, Father John Alberto Vargas, tells me that the children actually had meat in a roll, salad, a little rice and juice for lunch and half an hour later the symptoms of vomiting appeared. Immediately, parents were called to take them to the EPS,” said José Darwin Lenis, secretary of district education.

According to the official, Four children are still in a delicate situation, being treated for gastroenteritis treated with antibiotics and serum. The others are already under care from home.

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Lenis added that they have had a quick reaction from the Ministry of Health, from the epidemiologists to identify the causes of the intoxication, if it is a virus or a type of contagion that has been massive; she assured that awaits a report to take action from the Secretary of District Education.

“This is a private school that has its contract with the ICBF and not with the Secretary of Education of Cali and we hope that the four children who are in more critical cases can be at home and return to the institution,” said the Secretary of Education .

According to complaints from the parents, the children were taken to Club Noel, Imbanaco, Clínica Versalles and Valle del Lili.

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