In a contest against violence, men stand out by combing women's hair

In a contest against violence, men stand out by combing women’s hair

Violence against women is one of the problems that continues in the department of Huancavelica, therefore, from the Women’s Emergency Center, they promote activities to raise awareness in the reduction of these cases.

Thus, to commemorate the International Day for Non-Violence Against Women, they organized various activities in the Plaza de Armas.

It drew attention, it is the hairstyle contest, which was to publicize the need for men to also get involved in household activities, not as support, but as a duty.

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During the launch of the “Always on your side” campaign, which aims to reduce violence against women, they held a contest, in which seven men were in charge of styling women’s hair.

Equipped with combs, aprons, colets and a lot of patience, the contestants had an average of 10 minutes to make a braid for the lady who had to comb her hair, they all put their efforts in order to get the prize, a basket with food.

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After time was up and the deliberation of the juries concluded, they gave the winner to the young father Lolo Fernandez Tapara, who was the only one who decided to comb a girl’s hair, while the rest of the contestants did it with an adult.

“As parents, if we have daughters, we have to keep an eye on them, and with practice you can. I always do my daughter’s hair so she can go to the garden, I have two daughters under the age of three,” said the new winner.

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