In 53 days, 4 million people have already been registered

A total of 4 million people and 1,537,183 homes have been registered in 53 days of registration, which indicates that 90% of the estimated population has been registered.

According to the comptroller’s office, coverage at the national level stands at 103% of the homes according to the pre-census cartography, exceeding the expected expectations, this without counting the data that will be obtained in this last post-census phase.

Since the beginning of the XII National Population Census and the VIII Housing Census, a Roadmap has been completed to successfully complete the most important census day in the country, which will provide a new statistical x-ray of Panama, according to this schedule that has culminated the census registration stage, to enter the post-census phase, which includes the project until its closure (including delivery of results).

Given the progress of these results, the Comptroller General of the Republic, Gerardo Solis, reiterated that from March 4 to April 4, the process of “verifying and digitizing the information will be carried out, which will be carried out in the provinces of Panama and West Panama.

“We have complied with each of the stages of the Population and Housing Censuses schedule. In this verification phase, the enumerators of the indicated areas will visit those places that remained to be registered, for this reason we urge the population to open the doors, so that their information counts, “said the comptroller.

The operation will be based on verifying those unoccupied homes, from the so-called cities or sleeping areas, that for some reason the person has not been registered, according to the strategy of the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC).

Up to now, the data obtained indicate that the distribution by sex in the national territory stands at 50.4% women and 49.6% men. While, 1,258,915 that is, 32.8% of the population self-recognizes themselves as Afro-descendant and 554,215 or 14.4% as indigenous population. Likewise, 168,255 reported some type of disability.

For this period, the Comptroller General invites citizens to exercise their right to be registered, for which it calls on the population to contact 510-2020; 253-6492 or to the telephone lines available in each province to request that a duly identified census taker come to his home.

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