In 2022, 1,240 deaths due to police intervention were registered in Venezuela

In 2022, 1,240 deaths due to police intervention were registered in Venezuela

The organization estimates that Venezuela remains among the top three most violent countries in Latin America. It could occupy second place, after Honduras, depending on the final figures presented by that nation regarding the deaths that have occurred in the last 12 months.

The Venezuelan Violence Observatory (OVV) presented this Thursday, December 29, the annual report on violent events that occurred in the country during this 2022. It specified that of the 10,737 people who died from violent causes in that period, 1,240 died from police intervention, being Miranda and Aragua the regions where there was a higher police lethality.

In the breakdown of this general figure, the organization also detailed that there are still 5,799 deaths under investigation and that there are 1,370 cases of disappearances and another 2,328 of homicides.

According to the director of the NGO, Roberto Briceño León, this last figure represents a decrease of 25.19% compared to 2021, when 3,112 were computed. That, in addition, means a rate of 8.8 murders per 100,000 inhabitants. But this drop is not really significant, because even so “there were no variations” in the level of violence and crime.

In fact, the country remains among the three “most violent” in Latin America in 2022, if the death rate that includes those classified as “police intervention” and “under investigation” is taken into account.

“The estimate we can make is that it is in second place, behind Honduras, but that will depend on the final results of Honduras,” he said.

“The changes that have occurred in the country’s economy allow us to explain the variations in criminal activity that move according to the opportunities found for depredation and the appropriation of illicit income,” said the academic, at the same time that he asserted that processes such as the dollarization of commerce and labor, “extractive mining” activities, “money laundering and drugs,” as well as family remittances, “offer new opportunities for criminals to act and explain the resurgence of types of crime and violence that had been significantly reduced.”

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On the other hand, it was determined that the Capital District, after closing the year with a rate of 89 violent deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, was the most violent entity in the nation, followed by Vargas, Miranda, Bolívar and Carabobo, which registered a rate of 62, 54, 50 and 47 deaths due to violence, respectively, for every 100,000 inhabitants.

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