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May 25, 2023
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In 16 hours of hard work, firefighters controlled a large fire in a packaging company in the Industrial Park

In 16 hours of hard work, firefighters controlled a large fire in a packaging company in the Industrial Park

May 24, 2023, 11:14 PM

May 24, 2023, 11:14 PM

The large fire that started at midnight on Wednesday in the sheds of the packaging company Empacar SA, in the Industrial Park, was suffocated after 16 hours of hard work by firefighters from different units.

Paola Weber, Secretary of Citizen Security of the Government of Santa Cruz, stated that 150 firefighters from different divisions, such as UUBR, Fundaol, Santa Cruz, Police, DEM, coordinated from the start of the intense flames until its extinction, which lasted past 09:00 this day.

EL DEBER accompanied the work carried out by the firefighters in the place where the intensity in the work was observed that left several officials exhausted by the smoke.

reported that the fire affected to four ships that were rented by Empacar to another company that had stored plastic, cardboard and food inside. He pondered that the work allowed the flames not to affect other infrastructures and other materials were also saved.

“In the same way, we want to emphasize that all the units are ready to respond to any call, any incident and/or emergency in the city and throughout the department,” said Weber.

While Álvaro Castillo, head of the UUBR fire unit, stated that in 4:00 p.m. work was done uninterruptedlyin which during the first hours it was possible to contain the advance of the fire in the facilities and the following 5 hours were focused on the extinction tasks and later the refrigeration and removal was carried out.

“The joint work among all has allowed this success during the operation, it must be emphasized that the effort of all the units, with their logistics, have contributed so that this fire is controlled and a major disaster does not have to be lamented,” Castillo remarked. .

Empacar’s board of directors and management who arrived at the scene, thanked the firefighters and police for their work at the time the fire was recorded.

Later and through a statement, the company indicated that it They activated all the security protocols for the timely response that allowed the incident to be dealt with efficiently.

“We appreciate the prompt response of the Santa Cruz fire department, who deployed their troops at the scene. (…) Investigation processes have already begun to find out the causes of the incident, as part of continuous improvement to avoid these events in the future,” the statement concluded.

One more report is still awaited. to find out the causes of the incident that did not leave fatalities.

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