Implementation in Guantanamo of the National Economic Survey on the Economic Situation of Households

According to a note from the Cuban News Agency (ACN), the National Office of Statistics and Information (ONEI) is applying the National Survey on the Economic Situation of Households (ESEH) in Guantánamo. Its fundamental objective, says the text, is to collect information on the population’s expenses and income. It will apply until November 26.

Freddy Guzmán, head of the ONEI Survey Department in the territory, said that it is applied in previously chosen populations of the ten Guantanamo municipalities, and that 36 pollsters participate with the support of a supervisor.

The official stressed that annually in the month of May this survey is carried out in Cuba, but in 2021 and 2022 it was not applied due to COVID-19. Based on its importance, it was decided to carry it out from October to November.

The note specifies that the survey is applied house by house and that the person has the free right to participate or not.

He specified that he does not ask about the number of people who live together in the house, how many are of legal age, wages, ways of economic income, in addition to wages (such as remittances) in order to establish an accurate social diagnosis.

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