Impla puts the Arequipa countryside at risk with permits

Impla puts the Arequipa countryside at risk with permits

The Municipal Planning Institute (Impla) of Arequipa continued to grant in areas that put at risk the despite the court order ratified in December 2019 that prohibited this assignment. This was confirmed yesterday by the Impla manager, Germán Ticona, who justified that the procedure is protected under the and it cannot be denied to the administered.

“It is a responsibility of all local governments (…) the dilemma is that can land be enabled in an agricultural area? According to national regulations, it can be done.”, said.

The official argued that only the Municipal Ordinance 739-2012 protects the countryside of Arequipa; on the contrary, the Law 29020, regulates urban and building qualifications at the national level, therefore, zoning cannot be reversed and authorizations can no longer be approved.

The official insisted that accepting the Urban sprawl in part of the countryside it is necessary, given the population growth.

The expansion zones, according to the new Metropolitan Development Plan, are located in Yura, Yarabamba, Quequeñaand in the center 5 properties are regularized.

Some 400 hectares of the countryside was the area that the 2017 Metropolitan Development Plan would be at risk.

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