Imminent application of fee-based parking in Asunción

In a press conference, the Municipality of Asunción provided details about the parking fee and mentioned that they are working to apply these new provisions as soon as possible.

Óscar Rodríguez stated that they intend to apply these rates as soon as possible since the flow of vehicles has currently increased considerably in recent years in Asunción and Greater Asunción. Between August and September, it is expected to be able to apply this project in the main streets of Asunción, first in the downtown area.
“We have on our agenda the idea of ​​presenting a proposal to the city and we want to review the implementation points with the Parxin company to see what they can use, be it signage, equipment, technology, payment facilities, software and other points more. also in relation to the car attendants” mentioned Federico Mora, chief of staff of the Municipality, also highlighting that the rate of G. 3,000 would be maintained at first, an amount that would be only a parameter but has not yet been defined; Mora stressed that they always seek security and traceability for the citizen.
Currently they affirm that they must review new details to evaluate the scope and execution of strategies with the Municipal Traffic Police and as for the car attendants, they are seeking to define their role. Regarding the forms of payment, they could be made from applications on the cell phone and for those who do not have said application there would be another form of manual payment.
It is worth mentioning that in 2014 a failed award had been made to the Parxin company, but in 2017 the contract was revoked for its subsequent fulfillment. After a legal dispute between the Municipality and the Consortium, the Arbitration Court ruled in favor of Parxin in 2020 and despite the fact that it was in doubt; finally, the Consortium is once again in charge of executing this project, this would also be a way to avoid paying a fine of USD 500 million.

Payment method details
Federico Mora explained that the payment system can be managed by citizens from their cell phones through an application, and for those who do not have it, there will be the option of being guided step by step by the car attendants who work together with the firm. .
Mora stressed that he is aware of the social conflict that exists with the car attendants but that through dialogue they will seek to reach an agreement in order to carry out good teamwork. “We know that there is a social conflict with them, since they have usurped the streets in irregular ways for a long time. In an orderly and formalized way they can participate in the process, there is a margin because not everyone is going to want or be able to use these technologies. All prices will be standardized so that they will not be able to define any amount based on “the customer’s face” or the time and place, as has been done until now, but rather it will be a really fair price.”
The chief of staff assured that it is absolutely necessary to provide paid parking to achieve greater order and comfort in the country’s capital and not precisely to escape a fine.

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