Immigration measures of expulsion and deportation are applied to more than 860 foreigners as a result of the Shield Campaign

As a result of the Shield Campaign, from April 2023 to date, 864 Law enforcement measures have been applied to foreign citizens based on their level of danger. Of this total, 682 have been deported and 182 expelled.

In the morning hours of this Friday, April 19, from the Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport, 28 deportations and 2 expulsions were carried out on citizens of Colombian nationality, as part of the expulsion and deportation operations carried out by the Ministry of Security Public, the National Immigration Service and the National Aeronaval Service.

To all these people, the National Immigration Service (SNM), respects their rights, always in accordance with the national law, complying with the corresponding process for the benefit of the security of the country and the region.

So far in 2024 alone, 232 measures of the Immigration Law have been applied to foreign offenders of various nationalities, of which 190 are deportations and 42 correspond to expulsions.

As an entity of State, the National Immigration Service, reaffirms its commitment to the security of all citizens of Panama, carrying out the measures that the immigration law allows for this purpose.

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