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Immigration considers not deporting Cubans who have applied for asylum


The US immigration services (ICE) have begun sending letters to a group of Cubans in deportation proceedings whose names were revealed after the disclosure of the content of official files. During a phone call, an official accidentally reported Cuban authorities that these people had requested political asylum.

In a word, they are considering releasing them. But there is no date yet. “On a case-by-case basis, and depending on your eligibility, ICE will conduct a custody review to consider whether release is appropriate for you,” the letters say, indicated the newspaper Miami Herald.

US Immigration accidentally reveals identity of Cuban asylum seekers

The letters explain that not all detained Cubans were affected by the November 28 leak, but all those who are in deportation proceedings and had applied for political asylum had their names revealed in ICE’s telephone communication with the Cuban government. last December 7th.

Cuba accepts deportation flights for its nationals at the southern border

These cases, the letters say, will be evaluated to determine if “the release is appropriate, among other reasons because the Cuban government “may have been able to determine that the persons included in those lists were seeking protection in the United States.”

Meanwhile, the fear of being deported does not subside. “They gave us another letter apologizing… Sorry, sorry, sorry, but they won’t let us go,” said a Cuban detained at the Broward immigration jail.

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