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Image of Duarte restored in Pedernales

Restauran imagen de Duarte en Pedernales

The provincial and municipal authorities of Pedernales corrected yesterday with a new painting the physical distortions in the face of the patrician Juan Pablo Duarte, in a mural painted in the central park of that city in the south of the country.

The new painting is by the Flint muralist José Luis Catillo, who voluntarily offered to correct the distortion, as demanded by the Duartiano Institute.

The governor of Pedernales, Miriam Brea de González, intervened in correcting the grievance; the Provincial Director of Culture, Professor Martha Díaz and the Councilor Altagracia Medrano Sena.

The muralist Luis Castillo when he was restoring the image of Juan Pablo Duarte in the Pedernales park. Julio Gomez

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The new mural has the national flag in the background and one of the most transcendental phrases of Duarte, founder of the Dominican nation.

The authorities of that border province thanked the muralist for his work.

Duartian Institute

The president of the Duartian InstituteWilson Gómez Ramírez, welcomed the quick response from the Pedernales authorities.

“The authorities have acted with the proper patriotic sense and have promptly offered a response to the call made by this patriotic entity,” said Gómez Ramírez.

In relation to the work, he said that “we will see it, in accordance with Law number 127-01, to make the final approval.”

He specified that “we are programming a visit to that important border city to leave the Duartiano Center in Pedernales restructured and installed and to make a patriotic act in tribute to the “Dominican of purest glory”.

The president of that organization of the society, had demanded to correct the distortions in the mural erected in 2014 and later distorted in a vandalism, which someone later corrected incorrectly.

worked for free

The muralist Castillo did the work for free and also donated the materials used to repair the mural.
Castillo began work last Friday and completed the work in record time, amid criticism from institutions and individuals of the previous mural.

By Julio Gomez and Pilar Moreno

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