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“I’m not afraid and I’m in the streets”: ex-political prisoner responds to threats

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Continúa grave recluso golpeado por guardia

Mexico City, Mexico.-In a video to which CubaNet had access, the opposition and former political Yasser Rivero Boni He denounced that on March 24 he was approached by two State Security agents, who threatened to keep him under constant surveillance and take him to trial.

These agents suggested to Rivero Boni that he work with them to avoid harassment. The opponent refused to do so and maintained that he will never collaborate with the repressive organs.

“The opponents that we are within the country, we continue working to overthrow this dictatorship and they are not harassing. I feel harassed by State Security, by the police. In fact, I don’t have a phone because they stole it”, says the activist in the video.

The young man, who continues to do activism from the Cuban streets, responded to the threats by taking responsibility for any poster with content that appears on the walls of Old Havana. “I am not afraid and I am in the streets. Don’t threaten me anymore, ”said the young man in his message, addressing State Security.

In the same video, Yasser called on Cubans not to attend the next “elections.” He encouraged them to hide at home or say they will vote in another constituency. “There is hunger, need, they are repressing and they are imprisoning. Are you going to vote to continue without medicines?” commented the activist.

In May 2021, political prisoner Yaser Rivero Boni was granted conditional release, who was sentenced to one year and six months in prison in 2019, accused of contempt.

During that period, Cuban authorities denied Rivero Boni parole three times. Finally, the opponent went on a hunger strike as a form of peaceful protest to demand the release that corresponded to him

“They denied it to me, I had to go on a hunger strike for more or less fifteen days to get pressure, because that is the only peaceful weapon that we have. My health began to affect me, from the outset I started with intestinal bleeding. I had been granted parole since February, but State Security ordered the court to deny it to me,” Rivero Boni told Marti News back then.

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