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IM-Defenders highlights the “strength and resistance” of Nicaraguan women in the midst of state repression

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The Mesoamerican Initiative of Women Human Rights Defenders (IM-Defensoras), in commemoration of the fourth anniversary of the social unrest in Nicaragua, highlighted the leadership and struggle of Nicaraguan women, who resist from their spaces, denouncing and demanding justice for the abuses perpetrated by the regime of Daniel Ortega.

The body, through podcast, sent an “emotional message” to Nicaraguan women. She pointed out that “today marks four years since the strength, dignity and resistance of their struggles against terror made the norm, have become a benchmark and a bond of sisterhood for all Mesoamerican women defenders.”

“We know that, since then, because you are human rights defenders and work to build peace and social justice, raising your voices against inequalities and violence, many of you have faced threats, accusations, surveillance and harassment. constant at the doors of their homes, seeing their lives, their families and their communities deeply affected, “he added.

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She denounced that the regime of Daniel Ortega has closed the organizations and groups of the opposition, being these objects of repression, jail and torture. Currently, “precaution and self-care in an act of resistance and rebellion.”

IM-Defenders stressed that Nicaraguan women tirelessly continue to demand justice “for their murdered sons and brothers; or to wait at the gates of the prisons where their relatives or comrades in struggle are, in order to see them or simply give them a blanket, warm clothes, medicine or some food».

He also pointed out that many opposition leaders have been forced to leave their homes and have had to go into exile “far from their country and their family” due to the political persecution that the Ortega regime has established against them.

“Despite all this, they have never stopped creating and putting into practice a variety of strategies and ways of continuing to nurture hope, persisting in their efforts to care for and sustain life, clearing the paths that lead to that future that later or sooner it will arrive with its embrace of justice and tenderness, “said the agency.

14 women are in prison for their work in the political or social sphere in Nicaragua.

«From IM-Defenders we dedicate these words to you; who from their community, from their neighborhood, from their home, from their cell or from exile continue to dream of a Nicaragua free of violence, racism, patriarchy and capitalism, to continue exercising our rights, remaining active in spaces of organization and training and with the certainty that truth and justice will prevail,” he continued.

The Mesoamerican organization encouraged Nicaraguan women to continue fighting for their goals without ever losing hope and the conviction of their struggles. “Because April, in Nicaragua and throughout Mesoamerica, has always been the month to bloom,” she concluded.

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