Illegal mining: 19 workers go to jail, the rest will have house arrest

Illegal mining: 19 workers go to jail, the rest will have house arrest

July 17, 2023, 18:22 PM

July 17, 2023, 18:22 PM

The precautionary hearing of the 57 miners who worked in the Madre de Dios River was installed at the Government headquarters this morning, the same in which the The Prosecutor’s Office requested the formal arrest of 19 of them, whom he accuses of various crimes such as illegal possession and carrying of weapons, in addition to attacking law enforcement. After six hours, the judge determined preventive detention for 19 of them and the rest must be placed under house arrest.

The relative of one of the apprehended revealed that they installed a computer to follow the incidents of the precautionary hearing that was held in La Paz.

“My brother-in-law works in Asobalmost of the people work in that company and have papers, there is nothing illegal, I do not know why the minister has seized them as if they were criminals, “said the family member in telephone contact.

The 57 people were apprehended on Friday, July 14. and the same day they were transferred to La Paz. The operation was carried out between the communities of Candelaria and Miraflores, located on the banks of the Madre de Dios River.


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