Iglesias affirmed that he found out "by the press" that their statements will go to the Court of Union Conduct

The decision of the new prosecutor for Sexual Crimes Raúl Iglesias to request house arrest for the three accused of the rape in the Cordón, together with the file of 300 cases in which, in his opinion, there was no evidence to advance and his criticism of the official management of the Prosecutor’s Office, brought a series of political and institutional repercussions.

At the level of the Prosecutor’s Office, the Department of Public Policies began an investigation to find out more about the filed cases and its director Sebastián Pereyra pointed out that what happened is out of the ordinary.

Now a new front was opened for Iglesias after the Association of Prosecutors passed their statements to the Union Conduct Court.

Iglesias, however, told The Observer that “of that action” he found out “through the press”.

The transfer to the conduct court of Iglesias – who had led an opposition current within the union – was made at the request of the Homicide prosecutor Mirta Moralesmember and former president of the union, who said she felt “seriously affected” by the statements of his colleague, as recorded in the minutes voted unanimously this Wednesday.

Morales requested the “intervention of the union” when understanding that Iglesias “speaks negatively” about the “job performance” of the prosecutors and “the work of the Association, using generic, offensive and unfounded statements”.

William Rosa, president of the association, limited himself to saying then to The Observer which are “situations that have to do with claims” of the guild. And that “it must be resolved through the mechanisms provided by the statute”.

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