If they have evidence of cost overruns in parades and lighting, report them, says Mayor Fábrega

After the criticism that has arisen due to the possible cost overrun that occurred after spending more than $5 million on Christmas lighting and the parade “Let’s Dream Panama, Christmas is Here”, held on Sunday, December 11, Mayor José Luis Fábrega went out to the He passed the criticism and said that everyone who has evidence should report it so that the Public Ministry can investigate.

“If the former mayor or any other citizen is sure that there is an overcharge, they should file a formal complaint with the competent authorities, with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office,” he said, noting that there are no formal complaints because there is no evidence of the alleged overpricing reported in the media. communication and social networks.

He added that all the projects of the Mayor’s Office during his administration have been developed with transparency and will continue to be so.

He defended the contracting of the company Contraseñas SA in charge of Christmas lighting, alleging that this company had already been contracted in past administrations and that it has more than 22 years of experience, but warned that they will not pay anything to any provider that has not complied satisfactorily the delivery of the good for which it was hired “just like that.”

Regarding the parade, he said that they sought to make a Panamanian Christmas, for which reason the floats had Christmas motifs but represented Panamanian culture.

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