"If Suárez believes that in the MLS you can play while you smoke a cigarette, he is wrong"

“If Suárez believes that in the MLS you can play while you smoke a cigarette, he is wrong”

the future of Luis Suarezstill forward Atletico Madrid, will be one of the issues that will attract the most interest next summer. The mattress player, except for a radical change in the situation, will not continue in the mattress box. And he has several proposals on the table.

The most striking has to do with the Aston-Villavia Steve Gerrardhis former teammate Liverpool now infield coach birmingham. But she is not the only one. david beckham is eager to compete with the town for Suárez and sign the Uruguayan for his franchise in the mlsthe Inter-Miami.

Suárez admitted that he would like to play in the USA to finish his career. But Gonzalo Higuainwho currently plays for Inter-MiamiHe issued a warning. The Argentine has recognized that the mls it is much more difficult than I expected.

The former forward of Real Madrid, Juventus Y Chelsea34, says he thought playing in USA It would be much easier than in Europe. But he warned Suarez and other big names who plan to end their careers in the USA that is not a walk in the park.

“I thought about coming here and playing with a cigarette in my mouth and instead it’s hard. It’s a tough league. I learned that it is similar to the Italian”, explained the striker on the Twitter from Christian Vieri, Bobo TV. “In Spain and England it is easier to do well, while in Italyif you don’t know the league, you suffer”, he recognized in comparison to the fate that the Uruguayan striker could have.

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