IDIF determines that spider poison was used in the Copacabana double infanticide

IDIF determines that spider poison was used in the Copacabana double infanticide

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The departmental prosecutor of La Paz, William Alave, reported that the Institute of Forensic Investigations (IDIF) determined that spider poison was used in the double infanticide that shocked the population of Copacabana at the end of April.

“We have received the IDIF report where it determines that the substance that killed the two little brothers would be carborufan. It is a pesticide with a biocidal action, it was used to kill spiders, it was used as an insecticide and what the forensic investigation unit tells us is that it is a very dangerous toxin for human beings and that it would even cause death by acute intoxication, ”said Alave in an interview with the Unitel network.

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The authority indicated that this poison was found in three foods: yogurt, milk and a tangerine, so it is hypothesized that the event was planned.

He also stated that, through this report, the Prosecutor’s Office will proceed to file the formal accusation against the main suspect in the act: the father of the murdered children.

The foods contaminated with the poison were consumed by children aged 13, nine, five, four and two years and three months who lived in the same house, three of them managed to survive. The two-year-old girl and her nine-year-old brother died.

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