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Identification of skeletal remains found at the Matanzas Supertanker Base begins

MIAMI, United States. – The Minister of Public Health (MINSAP) of Cuba, José Ángel Portal Miranda, reported that “the characterization and classification of each of the bone remains found” in the area of ​​the fire at the Matanzas Super Tanker Base had begun this Tuesday.

“After this Monday the multidisciplinary team of specialists who carry out the expert work in areas of the fire at the Matanzas Supertanker Base concluded a first moment of searching in the area of ​​the incident, yesterday the main actions were deployed in labs,” he explained.

According to the official, now “work is being done on the characterization and classification of each of the bone remains found, for which we proceed to the analysis and description of all the details, with the purpose of looking for signs that allow their identification.”

Portal Miranda also alluded to the discovery of objects related to the fatal victims of the fire, mainly recruits who were serving the Active Military Service (SMA).

“The evaluation of the objects that have appeared in the different quadrants of the search area continues, to establish their possible correlation with any of the disappeared,” said the Minister of Health.


“This Tuesday the work in the laboratories is a priority, for the study of bone fragments and found objects,” he concluded his publication.

Last Sunday, specialized teams found more bone remains at the site of the fire, the Health Minister said on Twitter.

The fragments were found in “several places in the area” of the fire and were sent to “laboratories for identification.”

Two days earlier, on Friday, August 12, Portal Miranda also reported that The remains of four people had been found.

“This morning seven teams of Legal Medicine and other related specialties entered the scene of the fire and the first bone remains belonging to four different people were found,” indicated on Twitter the account of the Presidency of the Republic of Cuba.

With these data, the official number of fatal victims of the incident rose to six. However, 10 people remain missing.

The regime has not released the identity or ages of the disappeared. However, the complaints on social networks have gone viral after relatives of young people who were on Active Military Service indicated that they had not heard from their loved ones since they were sent to fight the flames.

As a result of the complaints about the death of several recruits, hundreds of Cuban users have begun to demand on social networks the end of Active Military Service (compulsory for men over 18 years of age) with the hashtags #NoAlServicioMilitarObligatorio and #NoAlServicioMilitarObligatorioEnCuba.

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