Idecoop issues resolution to establish associations

Idecoop issues resolution to establish associations

He Cooperative Credit and Development Institute (idecoop) granted a period of 60 days to all the associations non-profit and any other entity not authorized by Law 127-64 to refrain from interfering in functions of the idecoopthe body in charge of establishing and authorizing the different ways in which cooperatives they can associate.

With the objective of achieving intimate associations that are intervening in the actions to group and manage processes of cooperativeshe idecoop issued the Resolution 004-2023 on cooperative association groups, with which it seeks to define the parameters application and compliance with regulations and their application regulations.

“It remains strictly forbidden to all the non-profit associationsgoverned by Law 122-05, and any other type of association, institution or entity that is not authorized to operate according to Law 127-64 and its application regulations, and especially, to group cooperatives”, indicates the resolution, which was published today in print media.

The resolution specifies that the non-profit associations of profit that are governed by Law 1220, which are registered in the Center for the Promotion of Nonprofit Associations (Casfl), are not considered as associations cooperatives and do not fall within the scope of application of the laws of the sector.

“The cooperatives are, among other things, social entities of mutual benefit, with a mixed association and whose bodies are inter-associative and develop their own activities, programs and projects of public interest”, recalled the idecoop in the document.

In accordance with the provisions of article 6 of Law 127-64, companies cooperatives they may not belong to the Chamber of Commercenor to the associations of merchants or producers, so it is not possible that any cooperative can be part of another type of association other than those stipulated in the laws of the sector.

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