ICT Scholarships: the list of requirements to receive the free Junaeb notebook

The National Board of School Aid and Scholarships (junaeb) has announced the delivery of the free computers for the ICT Scholarships at the end of July 2023. This equipment will be delivered prioritizing the regions that have been affected by the recent frontal systems, such as O’Higgins, Maule, Biobío, Ñuble and La Araucanía, to then continue with the rest of the country.

Who will be the beneficiaries of the ICT Scholarships? Seventh grade students from public or private subsidized establishments that meet the established requirements. For public schools, it is necessary to be enrolled in seventh grade in a public educational establishment during the month of April of the school year, in addition to not having been a beneficiary of programs such as “I choose my PC”, “I connect to learn” and “ICT Access Scholarships” in previous years. In the case of students of establishments for adults in seventh grade, they must also comply with the permanence of the enrollment and have a percentage of 60% continuous attendance between the months of April and August of the school year.

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