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ICM Ad Hoc Board confirmed judicial measure

A communication signed by “the Ad Hoc board of the company ICM Proyectos” was sent to this newsroom in response to the note published in Últimas Noticias on August 3 entitled “The Court intervened in a company allied with Petropiar”.

In this regard, the communication says: “In the middle of last year a complaint was filed with the Superior Prosecutor of the Metropolitan Area, who is the head of the criminal action in our country; An investigation was carried out for the alleged commission of several crimes, in view of the actions that make up the criminal investigation, they show sufficient elements that compromise the responsibility of the accused, in view of the foregoing, the court decided appropriately and in accordance with the law to take measures precautionary”.

The communication continues as follows: “We are a collegiate body appointed by a national court and committed… that the operations do not stop. Ad Hoc Board of Directors ICM PROYECTOS, CA”.

The communication was accompanied by three files that contain the sentence issued by the 3rd Special Court of First Instance in Control Functions with Jurisdiction in Cases Related to Crimes Associated with Terrorism where it is read that Judge Luisa René Garrido decreed the suspension of the board of directors of ICM Proyectos “until this judge decides on the appointment of a new AD HOC board of directors”.

The sentence also reads that the judge agreed to all the measures at the request of the lawyer Oswaldo Yuseb Escalante Uribe “in his capacity as special legal representative of the citizen Jesús Alberto Pérez Oropeza.”

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