Condone Icetex debts?  This is what the experts say

Icetex responds to young man after alleged report for owing 53 cents

Through social networks, Andres Silvawho developed his university studies in Bogotá, reported a situation that generated serious questions for Icetex.

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ICETEX reported me to the credit bureau because I owed them 53 cents (half a peso) a month ago, when I made the last payment. I have already paid them 120 installments on time and several million pesos in interest. How can it be?“wrote the young man.

The young man proceeded to explain that 3 months ago he had paid the debt with the entity. This final payment was made after the established date, but when he asked if he had an outstanding debt, he was told that was up to date with no balance.

Then he looked at his account and he had a pending receipt for 3,000 because of the delay. Soon after, he called Icetex to ask for a peace and safe, who informed him that his receipt for March 5 had 53 cents pending.

At that time, they urged him to immediately cancel the balance because he could have a negative report for 30 days past due.

The minimum value he could pay was 1,000 pesos. That she canceled, according to what he told her, immediately.


Faced with the accusations, the entity responded to the young man that he had omitted some information about what had happened. In this sense, they assured that Silva should Differentiate between arrears and outstanding balance.

The entity assures that Andrés only asked if his credit was in arrears, to which they replied that he was up to date. But he neglected to ask if he had an outstanding balance.

In addition, they added: “Today we have confirmed in the financial information centers and we show that you do not have any type of negative report, much less from Icetex, an entity that allowed you to achieve the level of professional training that you have today“.

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Finally, they clarified that the 53 cents to which they refer are in their account statement but not in the reports made to the information centers financial in April.


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