Icetex educational loans with 0% and without interest capitalization from 2023

Icetex educational loans with 0% and without interest capitalization from 2023

For the first time in history, Icetex will offer an interest rate of 0% (IPC+0%) for students who receive new disbursements of their credit, and will stop capitalizing interest within this financing.

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Thanks to the changes approved in the tax reform, all Colombians who access new disbursements of traditional educational credit from Icetex will have this financial relief.

Furthermore, as highlighted the president of the entity, Mauricio Toro, “For the first time Icetex will stop capitalizing interest on new credits. For us it is a great achievement; this is a relief for many students, the disbursements that we make from next year will only have the CPI as payment. We are advancing in our commitment to humanize the entity, to ease the burden on users and to facilitate access to education”.

The details of the new measure

The measure will initially benefit to more than 110,000 users of credits and who do not have other subsidies, and to the future beneficiaries of Icetex. The benefit achieved with the tax reform will be applied as follows:

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  • Beneficiaries of long-term credit will only pay the IPC (IPC+0%), achieving a real rate of 0% for the entire life of their credit by only reimbursing the inflation value of their obligation, without an additional percentage.
  • For those with a medium or short-term line who request new disbursements as of the second semester of 2023, the Higher Education Institution in which they study will assume the payment of the additional points to the IPC of their credit during the study period.

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