Ibero-American Congress opens opportunity for investments

Ibero-American Congress opens opportunity for investments

The countries of Ibero-America face great structural challenges to increase their economic growth, but it will not be possible if the companies do not expand their business vision and focus their objectives on the basis of sustainability.

For the first time, the Alliance for Ibero-America Business Council (Ceapi) made his Iberoamerican Congress for presidents of companies and business families outside of Spain. This year the fifth celebration was held in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, where business leaders discussed the challenges and opportunities of the business sector after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and at a time when Russia invades Ukrainian territory, which has generated disruption in the logistics distribution chain.

Within this “so complex” scenario, some strategies can be rescued for the economic development of the nations that face price fluctuations due to the inflationary pressure that has been felt as a result of the armed conflict.

In that sense, the businessmen Speakers at the “Innovation and opportunities in times of uncertainty” forum considered that greater integration of Ibero-American countries will be necessary to promote innovation, digitization and technology for sustained and sustainable economic growth.

For Núria Vilanova, president of the Ceapithere is a wide gap in opportunities for the future of the region and asked the representatives present at the activity to take advantage of the favorable circumstances that make the region an attractive area in a global scenario of uncertainty.

“We are at a crossroads. There are many difficulties, but also many opportunities for companies and society”, said yesterday the president of the Ceapi during his opening speech in the activity that was attended by more than 200 businessmenNational and international.

Vilanova maintained that in the pandemic, companies showed their capacity for generosity for their countries and now companies must continue to lead: investing, socially transforming their countries, believing in their nations and innovating the way of carrying out processes.

President Abinader calls for investment

President Luis Abinader assured during his participation in the congress that the best time to attract investment in the Dominican Republic is now, when the countries are recovering from the ravages of the covid-19 pandemic and after the international war conflict.

He expressed that, although there is a humanitarian situation and an international crisis that has fostered “a certain level of pessimism”, this “is the best time to invest.”

Speaking at the “Innovation and Opportunities in Times of Uncertainty” forum, Abinader stressed that this was the perfect setting to take a leap and work for what unites, grows and provides development and growth for the community.

“We are a community of the future, and the future is being decided in the present. For this reason, forums like this one allow us to be that voice that bids, pushes and shapes the future”, expressed the president.

He highlighted the importance of new elements that will be present in the new economy of the 21st century, such as entrepreneurship and family business, the role of tourism, the energy crisis, digitization and its multiplier effect.

He emphasized that Ibero-America is a space that is gaining positions as an important investment and trade destination and aspires to increase its weight in the post-pandemic global political and economic scenario.

In addition, he noted that among the advantages that the region has is that it has established itself as a dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovative space, where there are already more than 1,000 startup valued at more than 100,000 million dollars and some increasingly internationalized.

He emphasized that Ibero-America is one of the main internationalization markets for Spain, whose companies have invested more than 148,000 million euros through 2,313 companies, indicating that 30% of the investment is Spanish.

Dominican journalist specialized in economics and finance, graduated from the Universidad Dominicana O&M.

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