IACHR Rapporteur for freedom of expression: "We see that these are difficult days for the press"

IACHR Rapporteur for freedom of expression: “We see that these are difficult days for the press”

The rapporteur for of the Pedro Vaca, met with the representatives of the Congress, a delegation headed by the president of the Parliament María del Carmen Alva, to publicize the discrepancies due to the limitations and prohibitions that the press has to carry out its work in the Legislative headquarters.

Upon his departure, Vaca offered a statement to the journalists who are still outside the Congress headquarters, under a tent and crowded to watch the sessions through a screen, situations that the IACHR representative lamented.

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“We have been informed that this space should be enabled by the end of this month. I had the opportunity to express to the Congress authorities that I prefer a Congress that meets in a square that a Congress does not have journalists because, I think, the Congress should be covered, in this direction too I was encouraged to consider the gradual entry from now to 31 so that the activities could be covered”, Cow stated.

The IACHR spokesperson indicated that the congressmen with whom he met “They stated that there is a commitment to freedom of the press.” In addition, he stressed that the entity he represents will continue to monitor the situation of the press in our country.

(I want) to show solidarity and something I do not agree with is that this tent exists (referring to the space set up for journalists outside the Congress); there is a point, some journalists have let me know that they consider it humiliating to see parliamentary activity through a screen”, Cow condemned.

The IACHR rapporteur indicated that they hope “the efforts that the hemicycle is opened as soon as possible, we hope that it can be so”. Likewise, he stressed that the visit that the institution has made to our country will culminate this Friday, May 20, in Ayacucho, where they will give an assessment of the situation of press freedom in our country.

“We see that these are difficult days for the press, I had to witness an image that I regret when I left the meeting, I believe that police work should guarantee journalistic work,” urged and stressed that “We hope that our visit contributes to the coverage work of all the authorities of public power in Peru.”


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