IACHR grants precautionary measures to Óscar René Vargas

IACHR grants precautionary measures to Óscar René Vargas

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) granted precautionary measures to the Nicaraguan sociologist and economist Oscar Rene Vargas, This was announced this Wednesday, December 28, by the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh), which processed these measures.

The agency explained that precautionary measures MC 991-22 to the new political prisoner of the Ortega regime were granted for “considering that he is in a serious and urgent situation.”

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The IACHR requested the Government of Nicaragua to inform within a period of 15 days “counted from the day following the notification of the resolution” on the adoption of the required precautionary measures, and to update said information periodically.

Regarding the state of health of the 77-year-old prisoner of conscience, CENIDH reported that he has heart problems and a pacemaker was placed just seven months ago. The critic of the dictatorship was captured “with luxury of violence and aggressiveness” on November 22.

According to the digital medium Nicaragua Investigates, the opponent remains locked up in one of the punishment cells of the Evaristo Vásquez Police Complex, known as “El Nuevo Chipote”. Faced with this situation, his relatives have urgently requested “to continue with the petitions to the Red Cross and Amnesty International and to all human rights defense organizations for the defense of Oscar René’s health.”

The Prosecutor’s Office, under the orders of the Ortega regime, accuses Vargas of alleged conspiracy to undermine national integrity, provocation to commit rebellion and propagation of false news.

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The arrest against the critic of the Nicaraguan dictatorship occurred after his return from Costa Rica, a country where he was granted asylum, due to the constant threats against him.

For its part, Cenidh demanded the immediate release of the opponent and that of the more than 230 hostages of conscience held in different prisons and prisons in the country, accused and convicted of common crimes or alleged treason.

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