I will denounce to the CNE excess advertising of ‘Fico’ Gutiérrez in Cali: Mayor Ospina

There is controversy in Cali between Mayor Jorge Iván Ospina and presidential candidate Federico Gutiérrez. The local president denounced that, with more than 20 billboards out of the eight allowed, the applicant exceeds the regulations of the National Electoral Council, CNE and the District Mayor’s Office, for which it will report it to said national entity and apply the corresponding fines.

“There is a regulation by the CNE and also assumed by the district mayor’s office, which is clearly violent. They are talking about having 26 billboards in the city when the limit is eight. We are going to place the pertinent fines and we are going to submit the complaint to the CNE and we are going to order that they be dismantled,” Ospina said.

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For your part the presidential candidate said that his campaign has complied and suggested that Ospina with this complaint would be doing politics in favor of his opponent.

He sees how strange Mr. Ospina is doing politics in favor of his candidate Petro. That is false. Did you tell him too? Our campaign has fulfilled and will continue to fulfill. You should be taking care of Cali, you have her in a mess. In my presidency we will recover it,” trilled Federico Gutiérrez.

The undersecretary of Inspection, Surveillance and Control of Cali Jimmy Dranguet, through social networks responded to the presidential candidate posting a collage of photos of each of Gutierrez’s billboards.

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“No one can assume that I am participating in politicswhen the only thing I want is that whoever is thinking of being president of the republic complies with the norm, does not visually contaminate our territory, does not exceed fences as has been exceeded,” Ospina pointed out.

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