"I read Science.  read future": Filmus presented a reading promotion program

"I read Science. read future": Filmus presented a reading promotion program

Presentation of the Reading Promotion Program


The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel Filmus, presented this Friday the reading promotion program of scientific texts “Read Science. Read Future” within the framework of the 46th International Book Fair.

The initiative -which consists of publishing publications for free distribution and aimed at children and adolescents- seeks to promote scientific culture and encourage interest and early scientific vocations through accessible reading, according to an official statement.

Filmus thanked the authors and publishers involved for their accompaniment and pointed out that the program seeks “rediscover scientific vocations” in boys “because there is no one who has more scientific vocations” than them.

In this first stage, four popular science publications were published / Photo Twitter @FilmusDaniel

“They are the ones who have the whys and wherefores for everything, those who want to discover everything and those who investigate everything. That natural desire somehow goes away and it must be said that it goes away because many times the school teaches more by rote than by means of the experience. We have to reverse the trend of turning the pleasure of reading into an obligation,” said official

The minister added that the scientific reading program that it is implemented throughout the country “it will play a very important role in rediscovering vocations” in young people and he hoped that “it will serve a need that Argentina has” that the boys “choose scientific careers.”

For her part, the director of the Cultural Center of Science C3, Guadalupe Díaz Costanzo, expressed: “This program, which begins with this collection, is developed within the framework of enabling more channels to dialogue with young people about science. We are working on the development of new reading points throughout the country to promote scientific reading”

The program promoted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and the Cultural Center of Science (C3), was inaugurated with the presentation of the collection Science to the touch, aimed at young people, which will be diversified during the year.

In this first stage, four popular science publications were published. The selected titles are excerpts from: “Elementary, my beloved (forensic) science” by Gastón Intelisano; “Beauty has its science” by Florencia Servera, “Edible mushrooms” by Bernardo Lechner, Maximiliano Rugolo and Julieta Mallerman, and an unpublished, “The astronomer who confused the stars” by Horacio Tignanelli.

The authors of the publications and the editor of the Science Collection that Barks -of the Siglo XXI publishing house- Diego Golombek were present at the event.

The books, made in agreement with Editorial Eudeba and with the collaboration of Conicet and Siglo XXI, can be picked up at the Fair’s stand and will be available at different reading points and on the website of the Cultural Center of Science.

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