I lent him money and he doesn’t want to pay me: Know the legal measures you can take

I lent him money and he doesn't want to pay me: Know the legal measures you can take

According to Luis Rodríguez Allca, partner of the Gálvez Monteagudo Law Firm, It must be supported by a paper or some physical or virtual support that allows proving its existence, so that theIt can be done through various legal measures.

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“East must contain key characteristics such as: identify the parties, identify addresses, automatic default, interest, date, place of payment and how to resolve disputes in the event of non-compliance”, he indicated in a conversation with Correo newspaper.

Likewise, he explained that, when the payment of a debt is not made on an agreed date, the law establishes that the debtor can demand payment in different legal ways.

“At first, payment must be required by notary public to the debtor’s address, in this requirement a term of 15 days must be established for the fulfillment of the obligation, under penalty of requiring damages if the non-compliance continues”, it is stated. precise.

In this line, it is specified that, if the debtor does not comply, an invitation to conciliate must be proceeded, requesting the same as in the notarial letter. And, if an agreement is not reached in the conciliation, the creditor is able to file a lawsuit.

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“It is important to mention that not only will petition plus the interest generated, but compensation for damages may also be requested, provided that this non-payment has generated damages, ”he explained in conversation with this medium.


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