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I invite you to train delinquents!

Before they said that in families with large companies, economic problems arose in the third generation; Today, I think, that in the first. I know of young children that when their parents disappear and they try to manage what they inherited, the business will go bankrupt in a few days.

It is crude to write it: a good part of our youth does not have their feet on the ground, they do not care about the transcendent, they worry about trifles and deal with trifles. The young man who studies, reads, has a reasonable culture, has initiative, is noble and supportive, values ​​work and respects others, without a doubt, will go far for a simple reason: he will have little competition.

Inspired by unfortunate recent events, in which youngsters have been involved, I publish an interesting decalogue “to train delinquents”, written by Emilio Calatayud, a juvenile judge from Granada, Spain. His words are included in the magistrate’s book entitled “Reflections of a juvenile judge.” Attention fathers and mothers.

1.- Start from childhood by giving your child everything he asks for. Thus he will grow convinced that the whole world belongs to him.

2.- Do not worry about your ethical or spiritual education. Wait until he reaches the age of majority so that he can decide freely.

3.- When he swears, laugh at them.
This will encourage him to do funny things.

4.- Do not scold him or tell him that something he does is wrong. You could create guilt complexes.

5.- Pick up everything he leaves behind: books, shoes, clothes, toys. So he will get used to taking responsibility on others.

6.- Let him read everything that falls into his hands. He takes care that his plates, cutlery and glasses are sterilized, but not that his mind is filled with garbage.

7.- Fight often with your spouse in the presence of the child. That way he won’t be hurt by the day the family, perhaps by his own conduct, will be destroyed forever.

8.- Give him all the money he wants to spend. Do not suspect that to have it you need to work.

9.- Satisfy all your desires, appetites, comforts and pleasures. Sacrifice and austerity could frustrate him.

10.- Get on their side in any conflict you have with your teachers and neighbors. Think that they are all prejudiced against your child and that they really want to annoy him, and when your child is already a delinquent, proclaim that you could never do anything for him.

In any case, the best antidote to this decalogue is to have parents who are an example of honesty and hard work for their children, in an environment where love and motivation to grow and advance in life are breathed.

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