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“I am his mother and I cannot be afraid”

MIAMI, United States. – The mother of the brothers Frank Artola and Hillary Gutiérrez turned to social networks on Monday to demand the release of her children, exhausting the last possibility she had left, according to what she said.

“I want to denounce the blows that brutally gave Frank, they almost killed him, until he passed out. We live on the corner where the events took place. All the neighbors have told me the version of him little by little. Almost everyone agrees. Some go home, others secretly tell me for fear of [perder] their work, out of fear, out of fear, everything is out of fear. I am her mother and I cannot be afraid, ”said the woman.

Later, he explained that every time he went to the police to report what had happened, they only asked who he was going to report, since his son did not know who had hit him. “Of course he can’t know, four fell on him to burst him. They passed out from so many blows,” he said.

The woman also denounced that this Monday marked the 23rd day of her children’s arrest. “We are waiting for an answer and the lawyer cannot tell us anything. He says that depends on the Prosecutor’s Office. The Prosecutor’s Office does not pronounce itself, ”she detailed.

“They tell me that this is up there. Where am I going to get up there? To the president? He is the only thing I was missing. So it is to you, Mr. President, that I am addressing you and to you, the wife of the President of Cuba, Lis Cuesta, as a mother,” she said.

“I am strongly asking you, asking you, imploring you, to release the children who are unjustly imprisoned, they have no crime,” he added.

Frank Artola (18 years old) and his sister Hillary Gutiérrez (26) They were arrested on October 1. after a demonstration on Línea and F streets, in Vedado, Havana.

“About four people fell on Francito (Frank Artola), they immobilized him, that was on the corner of his house, on Calzada y F; His friends, witnesses to what happened, told me that they beat him for a whole block, to the corner of the Hotel Presidente, on Calzada y G; They also dragged him down the street about twenty meters while he called for help, and they threw him in a corner passed out, ”he assured. CubaNet Lester Rafael Zayas Díaz, parish priest of the Iglesia de la Línea y C, who has been accompanying relatives of the detainees and investigating what happened that night.

Through videos and photos that circulated on social networks, physical violence was verified in the arrest of Hillary Gutiérrez, who has a five-year-old daughter who has been left in the care of her great-grandmother.

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