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“I am alive for God and for the Virgin”: Cristina Kirchner spoke for the first time about the attack

“I am alive for God and for the Virgin”: Cristina Kirchner spoke for the first time about the attack

Two weeks after the attack on Cristina Kirchnerthe president reappeared in a public act and spoke, for the first time, of what happened in front of her residence on September 1st.

The first thing he pointed out the vice president is that I had to thank superior beings for having come out of the attack unscathed: “I am alive for God and for the Virgin,” she assured Cristina Kirchner very moved.

Cristina Kirchner She shared a meeting with Priests Villeros, Priests in Option for the Poor and sisters, religious and lay in the Senate and, there, she expressed that she wanted her first speech about the attack to be with the priests.

The president also revealed that “she would have liked to be in the Luján basilica the other day,” when a thanksgiving mass was celebrated for her, and she confessed that she refrained from participating because “there was going to be a lot of security and no I wanted to interfere with my presence, which was a very special moment”.

The event was cataloged as a meeting of resilience.

The former president also explained that, the day after the attack, when she spoke with Pope Francis, he would have told her that “acts of hate and violence are always preceded by words”, with which she alluded to the hate speech that have been promoted against him.

Likewise, the vice president stressed that what had happened to her meant the breaking of the democratic pact that Argentina had since 1983, when the civic-military dictatorship ended.

“The most serious thing is not what could have happened to me. The most serious thing was having broken a social agreement that had existed since 1983. The recovery of democracy was not only that we can vote again and elect authorities, it was to recover life and the rationality that we can discuss in politics, Peronists, Alfonsinists, renovating Peronists, traditional Peronists. What happened the other day was something else, it was a rupture of what we urgently have to rebuild, “he said.

How is the cause of the attack progressing?

This Thursday, Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti prosecuted Fernando Sabag Montiel and his girlfriend Brenda Uliarte with preventive detention, after being declared the masterminds of the attack against the vice president.

The vice president called for peace.

Likewise, Gabriel Carrizo, the last of those captured, will present an investigation today in the courts of Comodoro Py. Carrizo is accused of the crime of concealment, after finding on his cell phone that he had exchanged messages with Uliarte after the attack.

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