Hydrocarbons Sector paid US$ 1,337 million in royalties to the State

Hydrocarbons Sector paid US$ 1,337 million in royalties to the State

A total of US$1,337.4 million was paid to the Peruvian State by companies working in the sector for royalties in the period from January to August of this year, indicated the National Society of Mining, Oil and Energy (SNMPE).

The energy mining union noted that this figure (US$1,337.4 million) represented a growth of 118% in relation to the US$612.5 million that oil companies paid for royalties between January and August 2021.

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He specified that companies operating in the national hydrocarbon industry paid US$120.4 million in royalties in August 2022, which meant an increase of 41.1% compared to the same month in 2021 (US$85.3 million).

Likewise, it announced that the royalties for August 2022 (US$120.4 million) were also higher than those reported in the same month of 2020 (US$44.5 million).

The energy mining union explained that, last August, companies in the hydrocarbon sector paid royalties: US$61.5 million for the exploitation of natural gas and US$27.5 million for oil; as well as US$31.4 million for the production of natural gas liquids.


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