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Hydrocarbon and electricity workers, those who earn the most

Hydrocarbon and electricity workers, those who earn the most

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Workers in the hydrocarbon, electricity and telecommunications sectors are among the best paid, while those in wood, restaurant and other activities receive lower income, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE)

By December 2021, workers in the oil and natural gas activity had the highest average nominal remuneration with 17,610 bolivianos on average.

This is obtained by applying the arithmetic mean of the basic salary plus other remuneration components: seniority bonus, production bonus and Sunday bonuses.

Average nominal salary

Regarding the average nominal salary, which does not include any remuneration, in December 2021 workers in the oil and natural gas activity received 12,788 bolivianos on average, followed in order of importance by electricity, gas and water with 12,446 bolivianos and communications with 7,849 Bolivians, says the INE.

After hydrocarbons, the highest average remuneration is among electricity, gas and water workers with 16,048 bolivianos on average.

In the various food product companies, this reaches an average of 10,474 bolivianos.

The lowest levels were registered in the workers of: wood with 3,983 Bolivians, restaurants, bars and canteens with 4,569 Bolivians and other entertainment services with 4,695 Bolivians, indicates the INE.

Regarding the average nominal remuneration by occupational group for December of last year, managers and administrators received 20,965 bolivianos; other professionals 9,845 Bolivians; 8,105 Bolivian professionals; specialized workers 6,797 Bolivians; other employees 6,069 Bolivians; employees 5,531 and other workers 5,306 Bolivians.

Public sector

In the public sector, university staff received the highest average salary in the public sector, 12,497 bolivianos per month, according to the INE.

In second place with the highest remuneration is the staff of financial institutions with 11,950 bolivianos and public companies with 9,960 bolivianos.

The lowest averages were registered in the autonomous departmental governments with 5,397 Bolivians, central administration with 5,404 Bolivians and autonomous municipal governments with 5,890 Bolivians, reveals the INE.

By occupational group

By occupational group, the average remuneration in the public sector for December 2021 in managers was 10,406 Bolivians, professionals and technicians was 6,287 Bolivians, administrative staff was 5,772 Bolivians, temporary 5,651 Bolivians, workers 5,515 Bolivians and service personnel 4,430 Bolivians.

average wages

  • Report The Average Nominal Salary of the Public Sector in December 2021 reached Bs 4,173, showing a negative percentage variation of 0.43% compared to September of the same year, when it was Bs 4,191, according to the INE.
  • Companies The Average Nominal Salary of the Private Sector for December 2021 reached Bs 4,988, which represents a positive percentage variation of 0.77% compared to September 2021, when it registered Bs 4,950. For its part, the Average Nominal Remuneration registered a variation of 0.11%, according to the INE report on remunerations.

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