Husband of mayor of MRA has influence in the commune

Husband of mayor of MRA has influence in the commune

Representatives of the “Civil Association of Citizen Audit in Mariano Roque Alonso”, denounced an involvement of the national deputy Marcelo Salinas (PLRA llanista), in issues related to the municipal administration. It should be remembered that the mayor is Carolina Aranda, wife of Salinas.

Ricardo Torres, one of the complainants, affirmed that he has already made several complaints before different control institutions related to the mismanagement of public property within the Municipality of Mariano Roque Alonso. Torres is the auditor of the association and is accompanied by César Benítez as general coordinator.

“Both the Comptroller General of the Republic, as well as the Public Ministry, Anticorruption Unit, are already aware of this and it is only expected that these institutions fulfill their role of investigation and control. We have all the duly formalized documents,” said Torres.

The complainant warned that they are no longer willing to continue supporting irregular acts of this type by their municipal authorities, even more so, when they see that the payment of their taxes is not reflected in a better quality of life, better routes and neighborhood roads, Fewer potholes on main roads.

“It is enough to take a walk through the streets Gral. Bernardino Caballero that borders the Airport and Avda. Gral. Diaz that joins the main access of Bernardino Caballero street with the Transchaco route; to realize the state of abandonment in which the city is on the part of its municipal authorities. This is also the responsibility of the councilors, as members of the Municipal Board, who should be the first and most interested in providing solutions to the citizenry”, he questioned.
Torres finally pointed out that, in most of the institutional meetings related to the Municipality, even in the neighborhood commissions, the mayor’s husband participates, who should be devoting his time to legislating within the Chamber of Deputies.

“We will not give up in this fight to achieve transparency, accountability and better administration of the public good, presenting our formal claims about the innumerable needs that our city has, which we have been facing for more than 6 months,” he concluded.

In January, Torres denounced that the Municipality of Mariano Roque Alonso spent more on salaries than on works during 2021.

During the 12 months of the year, the commune spent G. 9,510 million (US$ 1.4 million) in the “Hired Personnel” category. However, in the “Constructions” category, only G. 1,464 million (US$ 209 thousand) were invested.
What is striking is that the latter reflects a gradual decrease in investment in works in the last three years. Taking into account that in 2019 G. 5,044 million (US$ 719 thousand) were invested and in 2020 G. 2,027 million (US$ 289 thousand) were invested.

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