Hundreds take advantage of low prices at the Inespre fair in SD

Hundreds take advantage of low prices at the Inespre fair in SD

Hundreds of people went yesterday to the grounds of the Herrera International Airport to take advantage of the low prices of different food productsin the Santo Domingo edition of the Price Stabilization Institute fair (unexpected), called “unexpected It’s crazy”, which were packed from small bags to large sacks.

Such is the case of Maribel, a mother of three children, who went to the place in order to buy basic products thanks to its low prices, which, she assures, has benefited her a lot.

“It has benefited me a lot because I was able to buy bananas by weight, bananas by weight, and eggs. In other words, it turned out very well for me,” he said. while shopping at the event that continues today.

The citizen considered that this type of fair should be held more often, since she believes that in supermarkets “it is sold more expensively.”

“Here I like it better here, because in supermarkets, for example, you can’t buy plantains by weight or even bananas, so here it’s much better for me,” he said.

The prices inunexpected it’s mother’s

Yesterday was when the unexpected opened its fair, an event that was also held previously in the provinces of Santiago and Azua.

The director of the entity, Iván Hernández Guzmán, called on all mothers in the city of Santo Domingo to visit the place to buy their fresh products at low cost.

The governor of the Santo Domingo province, Julia Grullar, said that the fair “is a relief for mothers”, since it represents “great savings” in the family budget, with the purpose of celebrating tomorrow the day dedicated to them.

The unexpected reported that visitors can buy eggs at 90 pesos, chickens at 150 pesos, hens at 100 pesos, plantains and bananas at 1 peso, potatoes at 10 pesos a pound, select rice at 20 pesos a pound, garlic at 100 pesos a mesh, onion at 25 pesos a pound, red beans of 800 grams at 110 pesos, giant chicken at 300 pesos, half a gallon of oil at 280 pesos, 25-pound bags of rice at 500 pesos and other products.

In addition to the sale of food, participants will be able to access special offers, tastings, artistic activities, raffles and animations.

The fair continues today, from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.

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