Humanized Childbirth Plan points to a new society

Humanized Childbirth Plan points to a new society

“He Humanized Childbirth Plan It is a civilizing model that points to a new society, a different way of understanding childbirth and everything related to loving upbringing, together with community promoters,” said the vice minister for the Social Protection of Women’s Rights, Irama the Roseon the occasion of its sixth anniversary.

In the company of the community promoter, eglia laresduring the interview granted in the program Good vibes broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, La Rosa stressed that this plan was conceived in the Bolivarian Revolution from a philosophy of building a culture of peace.

He added that the objective is to change the problem that can be observed in obstetric violence, as well as the improper practices that can affect the life of the pregnant woman, as well as the newborn.

“There are violent practices that occur in a forced manner when the expectant mother who is going to give birth is forced into a number of stressful situations, without her consent,” the vice minister highlighted.

At the same time, he stated that this plan links the father of the baby throughout the process of monitoring the woman’s pregnancy. “The Humanized Childbirth Plan makes a difference in children who are born in an environment that begins from the womb, in a harmonious process where the mother practices the exercises and consumes adequate food.”

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Meanwhile, the community promoter Eglia Lares asserted that the Bolivarian Revolution has achieved awareness and care for future mothers with comprehensive care, where the family is also incorporated.


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