Human Rights Collective: Ortega seeks to end civil society in Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan Never Again Human Rights Collective joins the general condemnation for the cancellation of the legal personality of 101 non-governmental organizations, including the Missionaries of Charity Association of the Order of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

“The National Assembly, which does not deliberate or base its parliamentary decisions, has canceled the legal personality of at least 764 organizations, both national and international, with the purpose of exercising absolute control and silencing society; persecute those who think differently and establish a single thought, violating the human rights of the Nicaraguan people, “said the human rights organization.

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According to the Collective, the regime, through the National Assembly and the Ministry of the Interior (Migob), threatens to close more organizations, “which constitutes the continuation of the massacre of rights and the elimination of all forms of civic space of the Nicaraguan people.

“We denounce the systematic repression that the regime promotes against civil society organizations, whose right to freedom of association, political participation, legal and due process, as well as the contribution to the development of Nicaragua, is violated,” the group reiterated. of lawyers from exile in Cosa Rica.

Human Rights Collective: Ortega seeks to end civil society in Nicaragua
Human Rights Collective: Ortega Regime Seeks to End Organized Civil Society in Nicaragua

The Ortega dictatorship accuses the NGOs of allegedly failing to comply with their obligations under the General Law for the Regulation and Control of Non-Profit Organizations and the Law on Money Laundering, the Financing of Terrorism and the Financing of the Proliferation of Weapons of Massive destruction.

The regime and its desire to nullify NGOs

In its eagerness to eliminate non-governmental organizations, the National Assembly, also at the service of the Ortega dictatorship, “beheaded” this Thursday, June 29, the Association of Mayangna Indigenous Communities of the Bocay River Basin for Progress and Development (MAKALAHNA).

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It also canceled the legal personality of the Association of Western Banana Workers Affected by Nemagón and other organizations, mostly from the departments.

The statement from the human rights organization concluded by expressing its solidarity “to the beneficiaries of the canceled organizations; We demand the end of the repression, the repeal of all repressive laws and the freedom of the more than 190 political prisoners in Nicaragua.

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