Huancavelica in mourning for the death of "Yenifer Isidro"

Huancavelica in mourning for the death of “Yenifer Isidro”

Huancavelica is in mourning for the unfortunate death of someone who in life responded to the name of Naira Yenida Isidro Quispe (25), a young singer who, in the world of folk artists, was known as “Yenifer Isidro”.

Singer Yenifer Isidro dies.

Police officers tried to save all the occupants of a vehicle that got lost, however, the young woman died instantly.


It was after 3:00 p.m. when police personnel became aware, through a phone call, of a traffic accident (oversight and rollover) at the height of the Mallqui annex, 45 minutes away from the Aurahuá district.

Given the information, the police officers, in the company of personnel from the health center, went to the scene of the events.

Arriving at the accident site, the uniformed men managed to identify the injured: Hermógenes Rafael Salazar Caja (35), Manolo Salazar Caja (50) and Hans Saul Salazar Nolasco (19), who were evacuated to the San José de Chincha Hospital, due to the severity of his injuries.

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The injured were transferred in the ambulance of the Aurahuá Health Center.

On the other hand, the lifeless body of the young singer remained in the place so that the police officers can carry out the removal of the corpse with the presence of the prosecutor and doctor on duty.

It is worth mentioning that the driver of the vehicle with license plate No. T3X-108 (vehicle involved in the accident) was Hermógenes Rafael Salazar Caja, who is currently being held in custody by the Police. Likewise, the vehicle remained at the scene for the respective expert opinion.

On the other hand, the artist’s family went to the morgue to confirm the fact. Family members are also making arrangements so that the body can be veiled with their loved ones and can be buried in a cemetery in Huancavelica.

Since she was a child, the young woman had a talent for singing, so she made her presentations in various parts of the Huancavelica region.

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On July 15, 2022, the unfortunate traffic accident occurred on the roads of Aurahuá.

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