How to promote the integration of Venezuelan women in Colombia?

How to promote the integration of Venezuelan women in Colombia?

A little over a year after the implementation of the Temporary Statute for the Protection of Venezuelan Migrants adopted by the National Government, the integration of migrant communities in society has become essential to solve latent problems with this population in terms of wages and social equity.

Venezuelan women have had a huge gap in terms of access to job opportunities and various situations that have stigmatized when integrating into Colombian society.

For this reason, The Right to Not Obey and The Center for Global Development released a study on the inclusion and participation of Venezuelan women in our country.proposing some solutions to break those barriers that are very latent.

According to the Study, migrant women have been the focus for years of stigmatization and lack of opportunities in the world of work. The fact that many of them cannot practice their profession in Colombia, has caused the wage gap between the two genders in terms of the migrant population to increase.

But, on the other hand, he also assures that they have been fundamental in terms of integration, since they play a critical role in the unity of the entire migrant population.

“Migrant women organize to close service gaps between institutions and the migrant community”, assures Stephanie López, Migration Policy Consultant.

According to López, the recommendations to Colombians to help Venezuelan women are based on a specific gender approach. Likewise, involve women in the design and planning of public policies that benefit the migrant population, because they are very aware of what their community needs.

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