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How to identify your investor profile and why is it so important to know?

How to identify your investor profile and why is it so important to know?

According to a study carried out by Ipsos Peru, during this year, 74% of Peruvians sought to generate more income. One of the alternatives to achieve this is through the ; however, not everyone knows how to do it or where to start.

According to Elizabeth Montanchez, Head of Business Development at Fondos Sur Peru, the first step is to define your “investor profile.”

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“Investing requires adequate advice, but to begin with, we can answer some questions about our economic situation, our medium and long-term objectives and our behavioral trends”, Explain. What are those questions and next steps?

  • “What is my current situation?”

According to Montanchez, we must consider variables such as our age, family environment, if we have a family that depends on us or not, if we have a permanent job or are independent, among other things. “It is not the same to be a 25-year-old single as a 50-year-old man, married with 3 children: our priorities and saving capacity change depending on our situation.”

  • “What is my investment horizon?”

In other words, what are your goals. Do you want to invest just to generate extra income or are you thinking of using that money to pay for your studies or those of your children? How long would you need to withdraw your money?

“It is important to be clear about our objectives when investing. For example, if we want to use the money to study a master’s degree in the coming months, we will have to be more conservative and invest in instruments that do not generate losses and that allow the money to be withdrawn at any time.”explains Montanchez.

  • “What is my risk tolerance?”

When we invest we must be aware that we assume a certain risk, so we must know how much we want to risk.

“To give an example, a conservative profile that invests S/ 100 would prefer the option of earning a return of S/ 5 per month knowing that their chances of loss are also S/ 5; while a risky profile would be comfortable with the idea of ​​maximizing their monthly earnings up to S/ 50, with the possibility of loss being the same amount”.

Investing is very beneficial, and it is a decision that you must assume responsibly. Since not all people have the same disposition when taking risks, it is important to know our preferences and goals to find the most suitable investment instruments for us.


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