How to find specialized talent for technology companies

How to find specialized talent for technology companies

Within the strategies that the business sector in Colombia and in the world has been assuming to face the shortage of talent, which mainly afflicts the technological field, interim has been used, a specialized service designed to connect employers with suitable profiles and trained to perform specific tasks in a given time.

(Scarcity of IT talent in Colombia, a business challenge).

This solution appears as an alternative evidenced by Experis, ManpowerGroup brand talent expert specializing in IT and technology solutionsat a time when 80% of employers report progress towards digitization, according to their study ‘The Great Realization’.

Currently, the growth of technological ventures in Colombia contributes to positioning the country as one of the most important in the continent, with more than 1,100 startups that, according to Innpulsa, raised more than 800 million dollars in financing in 2021. A positive figure for the entrepreneurial ecosystem, but it also demands from this sector the ability to respond to market expectations.

(The shortage of IT profiles in Latin America reaches 48%).

“Today business growth depends on having the right people in the right place. We know that specialized professional talent is the differentiating factor and drives success, since companies that adapt technology to their processes are 26 percent more profitable than their competitors”, says Ricardo Morales, CEO of ManpowerGroup’s Experis.

This executive adds that they have managed to diagnose what are the technological skills and the main roles that organizations and enterprises demand today: IT project managers, software developers, cybersecurity analysts, specialists in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Given this scenario, this firm, thanks to its deep knowledge of the industry and the challenges it faces, has designed strategies to promote business growth, based on technology through the having highly specialized professional talent solutions to cover the specific and temporary needs of organizations.

The Interim provides temporary contingent services of the highest quality, guaranteed and supported by unique processes and a talent base empowered by a true national reach. Agility, solidity, technology, are some of the attributes that made Experis the Talent providers par excellence in the World of Work.

And it is that this tool allows managing the current crises of the labor market, since according to Morales, the shortage of talent is at the most critical point of the last 15 years, since 69 percent of entrepreneurs worldwide report not find the candidates they need, especially in the IT sector.

For this, in times of frank economic recovery after the ravages of the pandemic, recognizing the importance of implementing these solutions from specialized brands in the field to respond to the challenges of the labor context in Colombia is a reasonable step for companies seeking to improve their productivity by generating efficient responses for a limited time.

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