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How to face “temptations” of the mafia in prisons: law to improve guard pay

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As part of the “Use your head” campaign, motorcyclists in the city of Concepción are invited to apply starting this Wednesday to receive 100 regulatory and certified helmets for free.

Starting this Wednesday, April 20, the online application will be open to access the free cases that are offered as part of the “Use your head” campaign, promoted by the Paraguayan Touring and Automobile Club (TACPY), the International Automobile Federation (FIA), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the National Traffic and Road Safety Agency (ANTSV).

On this occasion, motorcyclists from Concepción who are interested are invited to complete their data in the form available on the website. www.antsv.gov.py.

Those who wish to access these free helmets must meet the following requirements:

* Be among the first 100 registered.

*Reside in the municipality of Concepción (exclusive).

* Have a driver’s license and authorization up to date that correspond to the municipality of Concepción.

*In case of being selected, on the day of the helmet delivery you will have to present a simple photocopy of your identity card, a simple photocopy of your driver’s license from the municipality of Concepción and a simple photocopy of your motorcycle license corresponding to the same locality ( all documents must be up to date).

On the day of delivery, there will be a talk on road safety, mandatory, for those who will receive the helmets. It will take place on Tuesday, April 26 from 09:00 am at the headquarters of the Municipality of Concepción.

Within the framework of the “Use your head” campaign, which promotes the correct use of helmets, batches of 100 certified and regulatory helmets have already been delivered to motorcyclists from Lambaré, San Lorenzo, Ñemby, Luque, Caaguazú and Encarnación.

The correct use of helmets increases the chance of surviving a motorcycle accident by 42% and decreases the chance of serious injury by 69%. These data are key considering that 55% of motorcyclists died in road accidents recorded in 2019, while 75% of them were injured in 2020, according to reports from the Manuel Giagni Trauma Hospital.

Lambaré, Ñemby, Villa Elisa, Luque, Itauguá, Capiatá, Asunción, Ciudad del Este, Caaguazú, Encarnación, Concepción and San Lorenzo are the 12 cities that, according to the National Traffic and Road Safety Agency (ANTSV), have the highest incidence of accidents with motorcycles in the country and are the locations selected for the delivery of helmets.

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