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How to download the stickers of Messi with the Cup for WhatsApp?

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¿Cómo descargar los stickers de Messi con la Copa para WhatsApp?

The star figure of the Argentine team, Lionel Messi, and his image kissing the trophy went viral, to the point that you can now easily download stickers of Messi with the cup for WhatsApp.

Messi stickers are available in the application on Google Play «Argentine stickers«, valid for those operating systems compatible with the Android system.

To download the Messi stickers

•You must enter the Google Play platform as long as it is compatible with a mobile phone compatible with Android

• Within Google Play, in the search engine, the term application must be written «Argentine Stickers» (Access from here)

Within the application you must look for the pack of the Argentine National Team, with images of both Messi and Ángel Di María and Emiliano «Draw» Martinez.

Once there, the option will be to click on the preferred sticker pack to start the download. Click on the images you want to download and so that they are saved in WhatsApp.

However, downloading stickers also means that the storage space fills up as images are collected and sometimes they must be deleted.

For this, even if the files are light, it never hurts to resort to cleaning the cache and files that are not used on the mobile device, with the aim of improving the performance of the technological device and not resorting to deleting the stickers.

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