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How the regime once again erases Cuban Grammy winners

MIAMI, United States.- After presenting the writer Armando López at the iconic Miami bookstore Books & Books, along with figures of the stature of the filmmaker Orlando Jiménez Leal and the painter Ramón Alejandro, I came to the house to review what was happening in the Grammy Awards ceremony and I am amazed at the sonera Aymée Nuviola on a mirrored track attached to the exterior of the MGM Garden Arena hotel complex in Las Vegas —site of the event—, dazzling spectators and viewers as only she knows how to do it with her refined art.

Nuviola was nominated for one of the awards for the album Without salsa there is no paradise. Some of her countrymen, those who have chosen to live in freedom like her, ended up taking the gramophones to her homes in Canada and South Florida.

Other Cuban musicians, those who live on the island and do not usually miss the appointment, were absent on this occasion. The material and spiritual decadence caused by the persistent dictatorship and its tricks is felt even in the creativity of the consecrated national music.

Apparently, the only official media authorized to comment on some details of the Grammys and publish the complete list of the distinguished ones, the seasoned site where Fidel Castro’s crazy “reflections” still appear —Cubadebate—, does not refer to the important Cuban interpreters who rose with the laurels.

In fact, it does mention Chick Corea, who earned two posthumous Grammys, without taking into account Chucho Valdés’ participation in one of those albums, Mirror, Mirror, a project due to Eliane Elias, whom Valdés thanks on social media.

Everything seems to indicate that the most recent statements of the great pianist are placing him at the opposite end of the loyalty required by the regime for artists who wish to maintain a face-to-face relationship on the island, even if they have decided to live in other countries as exiles or emigrants.

Unlike what happened during the last installment of the Latin Grammys, where the rebellion of July 11 on the island was still close and the main winners had composed the song Patria y Vida, which led to the anthem of said events, during the present On this occasion, the distinguished Cuban musicians did not take advantage of the international platform of the Grammys to protest against the continuous arbitrariness of the convictions of young people and children who peacefully participated in these spontaneous demonstrations.

In the midst of so much hardship and repression, the regime mounts an intense anti-blockade racket that includes deplorable political-musical shows of various kinds.

The current dictator and his henchmen wear T-shirts with the slogan “Let’s go for everything”, which refers to the 60th celebration of the Union of Young Communists (UJC) and the importance they claim to give now to the new generations, abandoned to his fate and without hope of progressing in the ever-postponed Castro promise.

In these rare gossips, the rebellious figure of Santiago Feliú is resurrected and joined with that of his brother Vicente, who was a fierce minstrel of Castroism, in a sinister operation where both no longer have a say in this cabal for having died.

The press despises the figure of Miguel Díaz-Canel with insane dithyrambs, who completed a short day in agricultural volunteer work.

“After sowing the land and talking with the youth, the energies multiply,” he says in a social media of the enemy.

The elderly and those ordinary citizens who stand in line and buy newspapers for other purposes. Those with no connections to the real world continued their lives of empty crates and other shortages, unaware that their artistically talented compatriots had, once again, raised the name of their culture.

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